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2.9.802 (Darkness Falls, 41.5 seasons, 8250 Realm Points)
I have taken part in raid into Midgard's part of DF. We fought some succubi and spiders, then gatekeepers for a while. After that we proceeded to Midgard's chambers. We killed many dozens of them and hunted them to the very portal. At the end we were killed by the huge army who came in, but our hearts were lucky.

1.9.802 (Darkness Falls, 41.5 seasons, 2944 Realm Points)
I have taken part in Darkness Falls prince raid. Our army gathered by merchants and run downwards. We fought many battles with ghosts, daemons, inquisitors and other monsters. Then we encountered the first Prince. I believe it was Ba'alorian, Midgard prince. After furious fight we killed him. Wecontinued down to the abyss and proceeded to tunnels.
Alas, when we were about to encounter second prince, I got linkdead and could not continue. Anyway, the raid was glorious!

23.8.802 (Caer Ulfwych, 41 seasons, 2944 Realm Points)
I was hunting tanglers, as I have done many times before. I have seen the Giant Crab near our hunting spot. At the end I tried to hunt Cornish Giants at western Cornwall.

20.8.802 (Camelot, 41 seasons, 2944 Realm Points)
I have ben given a great full set of ghostly light armor by Tabby, who has changed her name to Dancia. During previous days, I have had a lot of fun in Lyonesse. Once we have hunted the ugly Moorlich.
I have also helped with the final epic quest. We approached Morgana's fallen tower near Telamons Road deep in Lyonesse and slew her vile daemons.

17.8.802 (Castle Sauvage, 41 seasons, 2944 Realm points)
I was defending our realm. We fought for Caer Erasleigh and caer Hurbury with Midgard.

11.8.802 (Lyonesse, 40 seasons, 2007 realm points)
I was at tree group in Lyonesse. It's have been plentiful fight with witherwoods and tree worms.

10.8.802 (Castle Sauvage, 40 seasons, 2007 Realm Points)
I have completed part of my my epic quest. I travelled to Snowdonia where I had to kill an Arawnite shaman to get her notes. Then I travelled to Catacombs of Carvoda in Cornwall, where I tracked down four vile undeads who gave me four items necessary to assemble amulet. With the amulet I travelled to ruined roman temple at Hadrian's Wall, where I fought with Fasilus Previus, the evil Roman undead. After completing the quest I earned beautiful Staff of rejuvenation.
I also visited famous Bronze Dragon's nest at Pennine Mountains.

8.8.802 (Stonehenge Barrows, 40 seasons, 2007 Realm points)
I have finally reached my 40th season! I have soloed several kinds of undeads at Stonehenge Barrows.

I haven't updated this chronicle for a month. I have spent this month in Lyonesse, fighting hamadryads, green dragons, Telamons and also well known pygmy goblins. I was at many pygmy goblin groups and I also assembled them.

8.7.802 (Caer Benowyc, 35 seasons, 1800 Realm points)
During last several days, I have hunted with my guild mates at Stonehenge Barrows. I also attempted to hunt in Caledonia, with one successful battle near Albion portal keep where we have conquered victory against Midgard and immediately then against Hibernia.
I was also defending frontier against Midgard attempt to steal our holy relic Staff of Merlin, which my brave realm mates have conquered back previously that day. I was at the army retaking Caer Benowyc.

4.7.802 (Prydwen bridge, 35 seasons, >1500 RP)
For more than one month I was too busy to write this chronicle. However, for this time I have gained 35th season and proven my skills in Caledonia battleground, both attacking and defending. I have won many times, and also many times lost. I have also worked on my tailoring skills.
I am concerned of my guild Am Freiceadan Dubh. After several affairs some members quit, some just are not online when I am.I hope that this is due to summer and hollidays. I hope everything will get better. Never mind, I will stay sharpening my skills alone.
I started today's hunt in Cornwall, hunting pigs. I am mastering my new hamadryad staff. After about 3 minutes i have received the call to battle at Caledonia. Albion force was trying to conquer central keep. Many and many waves of us attacked the keep, killing defenders, but weithout a ram we were not able to break through the front gate. We even assembled a ram, but it was too far from the gate and did not hit. We were not successful. However, I have liked it a lot.

19.5.802 (Caer Ulfwych, 32 seasons)
I hunted in Stonehenge Barrows in the Vigilant Souls room. I was grouped with my friend Tabby Kat the Friar from The Covenant.

18.5.802 (Vetusta Abbey, 31 seasons)
I visited wedding ceremony of Koeryn and Viros Amheradyr, my guildmates. I wrote special report about it.

17.5.802 (Darkness Falls, 31 seasons)
Darkness Falls was open again, so I hurried in. I was grouped with my guildmate Melanie and two other people. We have done pretty well.

15.5.802 (Stonehenge Barrows, 31 seasons)
I completed next step of my epic quest. I located the shade of Ambrosius, but after small talk with him the evil Morgana itself appeared and killed poor Ambrosius. She warned me not to bother her. We will see!

14.5.802 (Stonehenge Barrows, 31 seasons)
I hunted at Stonehenge Barrows again.

13.5.802 (Lynn Barfog, 31 seasons)
I continued my trip to Lynn Barfog. I wanted to track the ghost of Mordred, but I was not successful. Luckily I found the Legendary Afanc, huge creature dwelling near the lake. I also located The Mouth, great and ugly beast.

12.5.802 (Lynn Barfog, 31 seasons)
I took an exploration trip to Lynn Barfog. I have been at this land once when I was very young. now I wanted to see all of the legendary monsters. Soon I found gigantic King of the Barfog Hill, who may be even bigger than Ice Giant in Midgard, and green and ugly Fester.

11.5.802 (Stonehenge, 31 seasons)
Again I visited Echo room at Stonehenge Barrows, together with great group. There were three groups in this legendary place.

10.5.802 (Stonehenge, 30 seasons)
I joined splendid group at Stonehenge Barrows. We descended deep to legendary Echo room. We fought pretty nicely.

9.5.802 (Stonehenge, 30 seasons)
Another skeleton hunt at Stonehenge Barrows.

8.5.802 (Stonehenge, 29 seasons)
There was a sad thing in Am Freiceadan Dubh guild. 4 members - Dejavu, Vahx, Prospero and Manamus have left our guild. We were solving this problem all the evening.

7.5.802 (Stonehenge Barrows, 29 seasons)
I hunted at Stonehenge Barrows. We hunted mainly skeletons.

6.5.802 (Stonehenge Barrows, 29 seasons)
My hunt at Darkness Falls was not much successful. Soon I lured a group of plate fiends on me and have died acciedntaly. After releasing I have entered Stonehenge Barrows, the place I was with Lokryn once when I joined Am Freiceadan Dubh guild. Finally, I am getting able to hunt in here.

5.5.802 (Darkness Falls, 29 seasons)
I returned to Darkness Falls once again. The group I was in was not doing so much well, so we died several times. But I was able to purchase a nice bracelet from merchant imps.

4.5.802 (Catacombs of Carvoda, 29 seasons)
Great hunt at Catacombs.

2.5.802 (Catacombs of Carvoda, 28 seasons)
I hunted with nice group at Catacombs.

1.5.802 (Catacombs of Carvoda, 28 seasons)
I hunted with my friar friend Tabby. We hunted leggionaires outside of catacombs entrance and also those below the stairs. We were pretty efficient.

28.4.802 (Catacombs of Carvoda, 28 seasons)
I hunted at Catacombs.

26.4.802 (Cotswolds, 27 seasons)
I was helping my paige Dejavu near Roman villa at Cornwall. At Adribard's Retreat I traned my staff skills. Then I completed the bandit quest at Salisbury. It was sweet to kill those Salisbury giants and Aged basilisks without any fear! I then met my liege Lokryn MacConaire and bought re-charter share for Am Freiceadan Dubh guild. I am now able to vote for new emblem, which shall be selected soon.

25.4.802 (Dartmoor, 27 seasons)
I joined the group of adventurers hunting ghosts at the entrance of Catacombs, Then we went in and hunted various Roman undeads. We were very successfull. I focused to primary healing and we did well. Then we traveled to Dartmoor and hunted wild ponies wandering there. It was pure joy there. I was also been given a paige at Am Freiceadan Dubh guild, a beautiful lady-friar named Dejavu.

23.4.802 (Cornwall, 25 seasons)
I have hunted with younger mates near Roman villa. We hunted giant skeletons for a while. Then I hunted solo, the best were Cornish Hens. After that I joined the group fighting at the entrance of Catacombs of Carvoda. We also hunted ponies at Dartmoor, but our group was not successful there. It is time to hunt at Catacombs and around for a while.

22.4.802 (Cornwall station, 25 seasons)
After a brief hunting at Darkness Fallls our group was killed by the midgard stealther. I continued hunting at Forest Sauvage, but I was not much successful. I decided to move to Cornwall, where I plan to find some nice group.

17.4.802 (Castle Sauvage, 25 seasons)
I hunted at Forest Sauvage for some time. Not much to tell about.

16.4.802 (Ludlow, 25 seasons)
The relic raid was unsuccessfull, although very enjoying. View the pictures here.

15.4.802 (Castle Sauvage, 25 seasons)
I was lucky that Darkness Falls was open again so I jumped inside the portal at daemon tower near Prydwen bridge. While we fought plated fiends and necromancers, we were quite OK. But when we moved to flying daemons, we lost often. At the end I moved to Castle Sauvage to be ready for yesterday's raid I was commanded to.

14.4.802 (Camelot, 25 seasons)
I was in Darkness Falls. The dungeon was almost empty, I barely get companions for fiend hunt. Most of the time I was grouped with Extoix and Molanap. I bought beautiful Aeternal Strife Helm and Aeternal Strife Leggins. At the end I decided to solo, but when I pulled two plate fiends I had to run to portal and jump back to Albion. Then I visited the vault and placed there my nice items. I also bought some leather and silk for I am rich enough to begin training in tailoring.

12.4.802 (Darkness Falls, 24 seasons)
I am continuing my seal hunt inside Darkness Falls. Mostly I was killing plated fiends in groups. We ware aware of powerful daemons from time to time wandering through our hunting grounds, but were not agressive.

11.4.802 (Darkness Falls, 24 seasons)
I am still at Darkness Falls. Tonight my loot was poor, and so my experience. I died several times because of angry monster bands pursuing some unlucky adventurer just to our position, where he died and we too.

10.4.802 (Darkness Falls, 24 seasons)
I continued my journey at Darkness Falls, which was almost empty of Albion. Apparently, I was one of a few adventurers who camped before elves and/or trolls wiped our force last night. I gained enough emerald seals to buy beautiful Malign Scarab Ring.

9.4.802 (Darkness Falls, 24 seasons)
When Darkness Falls opened to Albion, I was lucky enough to get in, before Hibernians took the majority of keeps. Read full report here.

6.4.802 (Thidranki, 24 seasons)
I went shopping. I did not meet any tailor at Cornwall station, so I travelled north to Camelot. There I successfully located Shan Gwydion of Valiant, skilled tailor, who produced lovely sleeves, gauntlets and boots for me. So I was able to go to Thidranki battleground, together with my guildmate Ithildin, and there I took my healing and ressurecting part in the siege of Midgard keep.

5.4.802 (Caer Ulfwych, 24 seasons)
I finished the heretical hermit quest and Dugan's magical totem quest. Then I descended to Keltoi Fogou and joined the group fighting at the gallery. I longed for great armor which sometimes occur here, but I was not lucky this day.

4.4.802 (Caer Wethrim, 23 seasons)
I focused on my quests. I started with the heretical hermit living on the isle of lady Nimue at Campacorentin isle. Then I agreed to track down bandits at Salisbury plains, but they outnumbered me and got me down. I chased many giants and basilisks at Salisbury plains and my revenge had been just sweet.
My second quest was one Dugan's magical totem. I killed the ashen tree at Campacorentin forest. Then I traveled north to Forest Sauvage, where I located etti Brodecia, ugly two headed monster who dwelled at the river bank. I still have to kill Urfgrat, goblin wandering near wood trolls village at Campacorentin forest.
I liked Forest Sauvage very much. There were dozens of green forest giants who were great to hunt. I love to bash giants. There were also plenty of hunters, who are safe to wander, but hard to kill because of their strong daggers.

3.4.802 (Caer Ulfwych, 23 seasons)
I spent a great hunt at Catacombs of Carvoda. We were very successful until we avoided pulling too many Roman undeads. At one moment all group members were dead but me and one paladin and one Centurio Primus Pilus alive. At the meelee paladin died, but I successfully killed the Centurio and then ressurected the whole group. I must also admit that there were times when I fell down first and only one from the group. But the hunt was great for me.

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